• GOAL  –  Our goals are to make closings easy to understand and to conduct closings on a timely basis.  To accomplish these goals, Prominent Settlement Services, LLC has an experienced team consisting of attorneys, CPAs, and settlement processors.  We pride ourselves on professionalism, efficiency, and accuracy to make the closing experience a positive one.

When purchasing or refinancing real estate, there is a need to insure owners and lenders interest in title. We are licensed insurance agents regulated by the State Insurance Commission. Our title insurance services are all inclusive of the search, preparation, conveyance, settlement, funds, collections and disbursement and recording.

More than 25 years of experience, we offer expert service in:

o      Real Estate Settlements
o      Refinance Closings
o      Title Searches
o      Lien Only and Custom Search
o      Transaction Review and Network Referrals

Real estate transactions can be complicated and confusing. You need an expert on your side to sort out all the details and get you through the closing without hassles and costly delays. You need a trusted company to provide reliable title insurance that provides the peace of mind you deserve.

We offer Title Insurance, if you need an attorney to represent you at settlement, we can provide one upon request.

Title Insurance/Settlement Companies vary on price and service.  The consumer does completely have the right to choose their settlement service provider, regardless of their Realtor/Attorney/Lender involvement.  Prominent Settlement Service is one of the few independently owned title companies.  The Title Insurance premiums charged are controlled by the State Insurance Commission. We provide the lowest legal pricing offered by law, with all applicable reissue discounts that apply.  Additional income producing service fees as document preparation, notary, express mail, recording, wiring fees, etc., can vary by a few hundred dollars per transaction. Reduced service fees and the lowest legal rate for the title insurance, packaged with our experienced staff, make us your clear choice.

We serve all Realtors and Lenders with property in Pennsylvania. We can close any place in Pennsylvania to make the transaction work better for you.   Our experienced search staff, licensed insurance agents, processors and notary publics are  willing to make your settlement experience confident and comfortable. Appointments can be held at our beautiful convenient offices or your location. Let us be the expert on your side.